Competency Process

Six steps are suggested to make the most of personal development activities:

  1. Appraise your skills and knowledge using the RDNA self-assessment tool, to identify and highlight potential areas for development.
  2. Consider the report generated with your line manager and agree your learning and development objectives for the year.
  3. Use GRIP to help you discover what learning resources are available to achieve your development objectives.
  4. Agree a development plan with your line manager.
  5. Undertake the activities specified in your development plan, drawing on the learning resources in GRIP where appropriate.
  6. Capture your thoughts on the process.

These form the basis of the competency process explained in the document below. This recommends the use of a learning log, a template for which is also provided:

Latest Developments

New principles-based core competencies have replaced the original core regulatory skills, and are now intended to inform the self-assessment process rather than being part of it, providing a general framework for consideration by officers and their managers.