The RDNA self-assessment tool is an interactive website that provides a robust process enabling regulators to identify and prioritise their development needs. It includes a list of core competencies providing a general framework for consideration and technical knowledge sections specific to particular regulatory functions.

To perform a self-assessment, you first pick the sections that apply to your role. For each one, you then consider statements and select responses from a standard drop-down menu with five options. These indicate your confidence in your ability to perform certain tasks effectively, or your knowledge of specific technical topics.

On completion of the process a report is generated that highlights development needs you have identified, which should then be agreed with your manager as part of your personal development review, with reference to the core competencies as required.

Following that discussion, the Guidance for Regulators – Information Point (GRIP) – a portal website – can be used to find relevant online resources to help meet your development needs in a cost-effective way. It mirrors the RDNA structure providing links to 12 types of learning materials.

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Latest Developments

New principles-based core competencies have replaced the original core regulatory skills, and are now intended to inform the self-assessment process rather than being part of it, providing a general framework for consideration by officers and their managers.